Welcome To My Blog!

Are you a bookworm? Yes? Amazing, welcome to my blog.

On this page I love to keep you updated with what I’ve been reading and give the books a review. As with all book reviews, the opinions are completely mine and I welcome any agreement or disagreement you may have.

I try to read every type of book and am always happy to get any recommendations for what to read and review next. There may be a lot of romantic comedies in the list of reviews for which I do not apologise. Everyone loves a soppy story, don’t they? Just me? Okay.

But seriously, I try and read as much as possible and aim to get out a review a week, usually on different genres of books. I haven’t yet braved horror but I’ve heard that I’m seriously missing out. It’ll take a bloody good book to convince me though so choose well!

I hope you enjoy my book review blog and please feel free to follow, like, share and comment. I also have Twitter and you can find me at bex_whittaker.

Now stop reading this, grab your book or my reviews and snuggle up for a good old read.

Rebecca x


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