How My Blog Works

Welcome to my blog where I review books! This is an amateur blog aimed at those people like me who could use a guide on what little world to jump into next. In this blog I will talk about each book I’ve read and then mark it out of five for five different criteria. As I say, I’m not educated in book reviewing (A level English doesn’t count much if I didn’t enjoy it, does it?) so the criteria will be simple. The five categories I’m choosing are:

How put-down-able it was: 5/5 will be a book that was so gripping I forgot to eat or sleep for several days. 1/5 will be that feeling when you feel you HAVE to read it (sigh) because you started it.

The characters: 5/5 will be how interesting the characters were and whether they made me wish I could know them in real life. 1/5 characters are empty or not thought through (evil characters won’t automatically be graded 1… everyone loves a bad guy)

The originality: 5/5 is when I’m certain the author was doing a lot of crazy drugs to have thought of this insane plot. 1/5 will be a story that we’ve all read thousands of times (ahem, Romeo and Juliet, ahem)

The overall book: 5/5 will be a MUST READ that will have pages falling out because I read it so many times. 1/5 will be a book that I suggest you only read if your tastes are very different from mine (although just as valued) and I kind of wish I hadn’t bought.

The final section is new, and will be where I add in my favourite/least favourite parts of the book. My opinion doesn’t matter, but what’s the point in helping you find the next great book if I don’t tell you what I thought of it?

I hope these criteria help you decide what book to choose next. The book reviews can all be found by the right hand side of every page so feel free to click, read, like, comment and share!

If you want to see some of the first book reviews (and book covers)  I did as well as reading them, please visit my vlog (

Enjoy, gorgeous book people.



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