Sense and Sensibility 

Hello again (I know, so soon!) book readers. As you know, I have been on holiday this week and two books have already been consumed in two days. I just want to put it out there to all of the slow-readers who have told me that my ability to read quickly is something to envy… IT ISN’T. Sometimes, yes, it comes in handy to be able to read at a rapid speed and still take everything in. But most of the time, like this week, I find myself swallowing books so quickly that I run out of reading material and feel like some sort of literary monster, devouring anything with words on that comes my way (maybe I should make this my persona which I’m super rich and famous… ‘The Literary Monster’… think it will catch on?). Anyway. The book I gobbled up with much enthusiasm on the first two days on my holiday was ‘Sense and Sensibility’ by Jane Austen. I have ventured into the land of petticoats and Mr Darcy’s once more.

The blurb reads- Through their (Marianne and Elinor) parallel experience of love- and it’s threatened loss- the sisters learn that sense must mix with sensibility if they are to find personal happiness in a society where status and money govern the rules of love.

I give Sense and Sensibility 2/5 for how put-down-able it was. I am ashamed to admit that I do not have a vast knowledge of Austen-like language in my brain and really struggled in understanding everything that was happening. This made the book quite a stop-start one for me, and therefore not very exciting.

This book gets 3/5 for characters. Everyone loves a Jane Austen hero! I was no exception and Colonel Brandon definitely did it for me (I haven’t yet seen the film but I’m 100% hoping that Alan Rickman plays him and not Hugh Grant…). The women are your usual Austen-confront-society types but Marianne sounds friendly so she gets a point or two!

I give this book 2/5 for originality. I won’t lie to you, it’s pretty much JUST like every other Austen that I’ve read. Not much happens except the odd romance and… well, that’s it really.

Overall I give Sense and Sensibility 2/5. A low score, I know. I do like Austen and have bought all of her books from Amazon for £1 each (so expect one to pop up on here every now and then) but I found this one to be rather dull. Hopefully the film will make me look at it differently.

Thank you for reading this blog, and I want to say a HUGE thank you to my followers. It means the world to know you want my take on things (not sure why, but you do!). The next book I will be reviewing is ‘Dream a Little Dream’ by Giovanna Fletcher. Remember to check out my YouTube channel at:


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