Why Not Me?

Welcome back to There’s Always Time For A Book! This review will be on Mindy Kaling’s autobiography ‘Why Not Me?’ I know that book reviews don’t usually include biographies or autobiographies (my taste in humans and their lives won’t always be the same as yours) but I found this one truly moving and absolutely hilarious. For those of you who don’t know Mindy Kaling, she is the star of Hululu’s Mindy Project and was a key writer and actor in the US Office series. I loved this book not only because I have a huge girl crush on Mindy Kaling, but also because the book is a true insight into the life of someone who’s main goal has been show business and how the lifestyle may not be all that we think it is. Just quickly, before I review, I would like to point out that the book is called the ‘concerns of Mindy Kaling’. I love this. Not the thoughts or life experiences… the concerns.

The blurb reads: A laugh-out-loud collection of essays for anyone who’s ever been at a turning point in their life.

I give ‘Why Not Me?’ 4/5 for how put-down-able it was. This is her second book, so set in her late twenties and early thirties, but it is easy to say that her life is just as outrageous and exciting as it was in the first book. The chapters aren’t laid out in time order, but in whatever order she pleases, giving the reader a feel of what it might be like inside Kaling’s brain. 

This book gets 5/5 for characters. It’s an autobiography about a kickass American who’s proud of her Indian heritage and her selfishness. She’s amazing. 

I give Kaling 3/5 for originality. The book gives a real insight into life as an actress on TV. Kaling uses pictures and diary extracts to show the reader day-you-day experiences whilst filming. And I won’t lie… it looks super boring to have as a career until you’re on the red carpet or meeting Bradley Cooper (a real chapter in the book). Unfortunately, as hilarious as this book is to read, there’s not an overwhelming amount of life advice. Aside from her chapter on how women see themselves, which is very Lena Dunham and awesome, the book offers more of a funny look on her own life rather than being a help for those of us just getting along (and not in show business). 

I give this book 4/5 overall. It’s a light hearted read and a great view on what the show business industry is really like. But it’s not just trash, there are some great chapters written by Kaling which really show that even a woman who is (happliy) larger than the normal Hollywood stick insect, can have insecurities and yet still find confidence in her life and the way she looks. The constant mentioning of food was a nice change from your Gweneth Paltrows telling you how yummy a salad is (lies. Pizza always wins). 

So thank you for reading a review on a biography!  I hope it’s made a few of you go and buy the book to see what show business is like (or just to have a laugh at Mindy Kaling’s outrageous life stories). The next review will be ‘The Age Of Magic’ by Ben Okri which is a totally different book to this review… it’s all about life and faith (a bit of a hippy one to be honest).


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