North Child

Merry-almost-Christmas everyone! It’s taken me a while to read this book but that’s only because I’ve been busy and not that it isn’t wonderful. Which it is. Wonderful. North Child by Edith Pataou is such a beautiful book that takes you on such an exciting journey that sweeps you up entirely! For those who liked books such as Inkheart and other light fantasy stories, this is the one for you. A big thank you to Andrew who recommended and lent it to me! 

The blurb reads: Superstition says that children born facing north will travel far from home, and Rose’s mother is terrified that Rose, a north child, will face a lonely, icy death if she follows her destiny. But Rose is unaware of this, so when an enormous white bear appears and wants to take her away she agrees to his bargain.

I give this book 3/5 for how put-down-able it was. I loved the story because it was a constant adventure! The story was enchanting the whole way through, but it did slightly loose a couple of points for me because the travelling parts felt a bit similar and long when it could have been cut down. But overall the story was wonderful and exciting, a must read for adventure lovers.

North Child gets 4/5 for characters. The main girl, Rose, is brave and inquisitive at the start of the book and is exactly who we wish we could all be (if a white bear took me away I don’t think I’d be quite as relaxed as she is). However, she did slightly get a bit boring and lost that magic sparkle that she had a bit later on in the book which was why I’ve taken a point off. I can’t spoil the story, but the BEAR! Wonderful. You can tell from the start and the amazing descriptions by Pataou that this bear is the ideal pet. But I shall say no more. 

This book gets 5/5 for originality. Although it can be quite similar to other adventures stories, something about it makes it more magical and lovely. 

Over all, I give North Child 4/5. The story was lovely, the characters were enchanting and I was really sad when I had to put it down (always a good sign for a book!). 

Thank you for reading and the next review will be one from my favourite historical books series by Phillipa Gregory; The King’s Curse. Looking forward to doing more frequent blogs for you all now it’s Christmas and I have the evenings free. Enjoy your holiday reading!


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