Shopaholic Series

So this time I decided to do a mass book review and review an entire series. The Confessions of a Shopaholic series is currently at 8 books so I thought it would be best to summarise this all in one. They’re all written by Sophie Kinsella and they’re all massive girly romance books so stop reading if you don’t like those books of mine! 

The general blurb for all of them is that they’re about a twenty something girl named Rebecca Bloomwood who has a shopping addiction. The stories follow her life from single to mother of two and all the problems she faces because of her addiction and general silliness. 

I give this series 3/5 for how put-down-able they were. These books are great for some comic relief (if, for example, you’re writing your dissertation…) but Rebecca’s mistakes and problems can get incredibly infuriating because there is always a simple way to solve them that she NEVER does! I had to put them down a few times because she annoyed me so much. But aside from that…

I give the characters in this book 4/5. Becky herself can be annoying, as I said before, but she’s also really funny and silly which makes her a fun character to follow. The love interest, Luke, also sounds totally dreamy so it isn’t hard to follow his story as well. 

I give this series 4/5 for originality. The situations Becky manages to get herself into are really quite something else! She goes from being massively in debt to accidentally planning two weddings for the same day… not many of us can say we’ve been in that situation, can we? 

Overall, these books get 3/5. I love reading them for some light relief, and they’re very easy to fall in love with. However… Becky can be really quite annoying and I don’t think I would be able to resist giving her a little slap if I ever met her.

Thanks for reading (and giving me the time to read 8 books!) and the next book review will be Half of a Yellow Sun. I finally finished it! See you soon and keep reading! 


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