Harry Potter 5-7


Welcome back to There’s Always Time for a Book! You all knew it was coming and you were right, this review is the rest of the Harry Potter series. I finished the seventh book today and my goodness. I can’t be the only one who when they finish reading this series wants to quietly grab the Philosopher’s Stone and start all over again, can I? Luckily, I was given the Cursed Child for Christmas and so I have a bit more Harry Heroin yet to go.

There isn’t much point putting the blurb for these three books because one, you all know them and two, the stories are far too complicated and would take up 1000 words alone. So, in summary, Harry faces all sorts of new and dark challenges which have very mixed results. Ooo, exciting!

I give these three Harry Potters an overall score of 5/5 for how put-down-able they were. The first four are wonderful but these three really take the biscuit. There are so many links back to other books and wonderfully imaginative stories that I literally could not put the books down. In fact, one time I was reading so intensely that I actually walked into a wall.

These three books together get 5/5 for characters. Ummm, who is more wonderful than Snape, Dumbledore, Hermione and Ron? Oh yeah, and HARRY POTTER. Does anyone else want to pretend like they’re your friends? No? Just me? Liars. What I really love about the books, especially these last three, is that you no longer view Harry as just a character but you actually feel like you know him. I’ve been watching the films alongside and although they are very well done, they just don’t capture that amazing familiarity you get when reading about Harry’s life.

Obviously these books get 5/5 for originality, I mean please.

Overall I give these books 5/5. Some people say it’s a generation thing, this love for Harry Potter but I honestly believe that anyone of any age could love them because they are just so unique and brilliant. Hats of J.K, hats off…

My Favourite/ Least Favourite Bits:

Well there’s no doubt that the best bit in Harry Potter is when you get to read his day-to-day life. I just love how the books follow Harry so closely that sometimes his problems with his homework feel like our problems. It’s so nice and different from the films where the action is non-stop and we rarely see just an average day. Hearing about Harry chatting in the common room or eating lunch just makes me feel all warm inside because you do truly have a friend in the characters of Harry Potter (don’t judge, we all feel the same).

I’m probably going to be brutally hated by some by saying my least favourite bit but I guess that is the trouble with writing an opinion book review blog. My least favourite part of these last three books was… Sirius Black. Don’t get me wrong, I like that Harry has a father figure (as short a time as it is for…) but I never warmed to his character. Without giving too much away, Harry discovers things about Sirius that show that he’s maybe not all he’s cracked up to be and I wasn’t really shocked by that. Yeah sure, he’s an adventurous guy, but anyone who disagrees with Mrs Weasley about Harry’s safety is someone who I’m too cowardly to agree with. I mean imagine getting on Molly’s bad side…

Thank you for reading and I hope this has made you all tiptoe back into your childhood bedroom and reopen Harry Potter. Please do, you really won’t regret it. I had more comments about these books from people who saw I was reading them than any other book I’ve ever read!


Credit to the following web page for the wonderful picture I used for this blog:



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